shu uemura new Spot Brightener

shu uemura new Spot Brightener: Japan has long held the secrets of whitening technology. Pioneering beauty brand shu uemura has unlocked this treasure by harnessing the power of nature, the intelligence of science and the unique Japanese artistry, creating White Recovery EX+ Spot Brightener.

This breakthrough two-in-one instant spot brightener significantly reduces melanin content by 56 percent for clarified, illuminated skin. With just a single stroke, the appearance of spots is minimized thanks to the combination of whitening skincare benefits and optical brightening effects. Usable anytime and anywhere, the pen-type applicator allows precise application for age spots, acne scars and even dark circles under the eye.

TECHNOLOGY: HEPES and Lipo HA: Gently exfoliates melanin-contained skin cells to help reduce visible spots. Prune Extract: Helps inhibit melanin transfer. Sakura Leaf Extract: Improves skin’s texture and inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme that catalyzes the production of melanin and other pigments from tyrosine by oxidation (e.g. blackening of a peeled or sliced potato exposed to air). Micro-Pearls and Diakalyte. Creates optical effects to minimize spots and dullness.

Apply the brush on pigmented areas and spread the formula evenly. Using under or over makeup, blend the formula in with patting until skin’s tone is evened out. “I used the spot brightener and loved the whitening effect,” says Gina Brooke. “First and foremost, the pen applicator and brush is amazing as I love not having to dip my fingers into a jar or squeeze the serum from a tube.”

Suggested Retail Price: $45.00
Available: July 2009 at shuuemura-usa.com, shu uemura boutiques and counters nationwide.

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