FW AW10: Shiseido @ United Bamboo

Shiseido @ United Bamboo
To convey elegance, Page did statement lips, inspired by Geiko, which is the Japanese word for Geisha from Kyoto and Western Japan. "They wore a specific shade of red to show their status," he explained. The Geiko traditionally created their lipstick by grinding local safflowers and adding water to create a paste they'd apply to lips, patting bits of gold on top. "It's a nice way to do a red, that's not too fire engine-y," said Page of the reddish brown hue.

To focal point of the look was the lips, which Page created with a shade that's new for Fall 2010. He created a precise look by lining lips first with lipstick, and then filling them in. Instead of black liner, Page outlined lids in purple to give eyes a pop of subtle color. He used an opal violet primer at the inner corner of the eyes for subtle shine. Both come from a yet-unnamed limited palette that Page created for Holiday 2010. Eyes were finished off with Perfect Mascara Defining Volume (new for Fall 2010).

Kera worked Shiseido Lotion 2 through the hair and tightly wrapped small sections around skinny hair pins. He blasted the hair with heat to set the curl and then let it air dry (call time was at an ungodly early hour for the 11 am show), removing the pins and separating each curl with his fingers just before the models hit the runway.

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