FW AW10: Shiseido & Butter London @ Jen Kao

Shiseido & Butter London @ Jen Kao
Jen Kao kept her collection cool and sexy for Fall 2010, and graphic makeup and hair lent a clean contemporary edge to the presentation Thursday afternoon.

Mostly bare skin was punctuated by strong black eyeliner painted very straight at the hands of makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds. "It is not retro, but very graphic," he said. "Jen wanted something to give the girls a strong uniform stamp." Simmonds dusted cheeks, nose and top of the lip with a metallic highlighter to finish the look.

Stylist Tadashi Harada used extensions to create thick statement making bangs and striking long ponytails that helped articulate Kao's cool-girl image. "The clothes are black and tight so we made the hair sexy, simple and tough," he said.


Harada added extensions to locks before pulling hair back into a dramatically long ponytail. Bangs were also created with extensions in the front and trimmed to fit the models' faces. He sprayed Shiseido's Renascent Design Control Spray on dry hair to give hair a smooth clean finish and applied Shiseido's Design Tex 36 to create a slightly matte texture. To add smooth and shine, he added Renascent Design Cream to the ponytail.


Butter London's Tea With the Queen was applied to models' hands and feet for an expensive manicured look that countered the edgy toughness of the collection.

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