FW AW10: Shiseido & Redken @ Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shiseido & Redken @ Marc by Marc Jacobs
"I'm keeping them as pretty as possible and customizing each girl with a palette of blushes," said Dick Page. "I'm getting them to smile and seeing the expression on their face to see which shade would be the nicest and brightest cheek color." “It’s really easy to wear,” he said of the super-simple look. “There’s nothing very complicated about it. We want the girls to look happy and healthy. At the end of the day, you don’t know what happened — they just look gorgeous.”

"We're leaving it all out for more length that's more cool and much younger," said Guido Palau. "It's how a young girl would wear her own hair. The only thing I'm doing differently is using a little bit of product to bring out the natural texture." ... “It’s refreshing to have girls on the runway who look like themselves,” he said. “The impression is she doesn’t care so much — but she does.”

Prep skin with Dual Balancing Foundation and complete the look by smoothing on Luminizing Satin Face Color in the rightest rose hue for your skintone. On the eyes and lips, there was “nothing,” said Page, who did acknowledge that if a particular girl’s lips were naturally bright, he used a little bit of foundation and lip balm “to take them down.”

Palau gave the Marc by Marc Jacobs girls down ’dos with messy parts in the middle, using Redken’s Fabricate texturizing spray “to bring out the [hair’s] natural texture” and letting the hair air dry.

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