NYFW S/S '10: NARS and Wella @ Thakoon

NARS & Wella @ Thakoon
With an inspiration like "Surfer girl meets Seventh Samari," the beauty is bound to be fun. Thakoon's Spring 2010 collection is a jarring mix of vibrant colors - lots of water inspired blues and strong, bold patterns. So the hair and makeup demanded restraint. Kendal painted faces in a monotone palette seeped in pinks and beiges for a strong, fresh, slightly futuristic vibe. inspired by the wave patterns in the clothing, Scrivo prepped for the show by dying hair extensions myriad tones, from champagne to mahogany to pewter, and fastening them into models' locks to create edgy dimension. After that, the hair was pulled half up and wound into a casual, boppy bun.

A very strong and luminous face is the key to getting this look right. “It’s a beach warrior look - surfer girl meets Seven Samurai," explained lead artist Diane Kendal. She used a minimal amount of makeup everywhere, but contoured the cheeks and kept the eye deeply set to convey an image of power through minimalism.

Face:Apply NARS Sheer Matte Foundation to conceal imperfections-To achieve luminosity, apply NARS Orgasm Illuminator (NEW for Spring 2010) to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin-To contour and sculpt the cheeks, apply NARS Malaysia Multiple Bronzer and blend into the cheek bones-Highlight the cheekbones and nose with the white side of NARS Hungry Heart Blush Duo.

Eyes:Apply the brown side of NARS Alhambra Duo Eyeshadow on the entire eyelid up to the brows-Blend both NARS D. Gorgeous Single Eyeshadow (NEW for Spring 2010) as well as the light pink side of NARS Kuala Lumpur Duo Eyeshadow (NEW for Spring 2010) into the crease, outer eye and up towards the brow bone.-Apply NARS Bali Single Eyeshadow to the upper and lower lash lines as well as to the crease in the eyelid, blending with the other shadows to create definition.-Dust NARS Night Snow Single Eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes

Lips: Mute lips by using NARS Concealer-With your finger, apply NARS Ophelia Lip Gloss (NEW for Spring 2010) to the center of lips.

Scrivo used hair color from Wella to dye hair pieces that were fastened into each model's hair. Locks were then separated into top and bottom sections, and the top section was slicked back into a tight bun. The bun was left a little undone, like a high school girl who nonchalantly looped up her hair in class.

The nails were made to look like an extension of the skin with Shirly Temple Peony, a pinky nude shade from Priti Polish.

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