Tarte Spring 2010: Flower Child Sneak Peek

Makeup Artist Tina Turnbow who worked with Amanda Peet, Jessica Szohr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman, and also known as an organic lover, teamed up with Tarte. She will create Spring '10 collection called ''Flower Child'', which will be eco friendly with earthy hues and subtle pops of colours. Coming to stores in January 2010.

As the daughter of a hairdresser and salon aesthetician, Tina had instinct and affection for the distinct beauty that each face possesses. Years spent sketching led her to the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago, where she focused on her love of painting and drawing before moving into cosmetics at the age of 24. Tina eschewed formal training to assist legends like Kay Montano and Pat McGrath, an education through which she developed a versatile style that celebrates the strength of a woman's face, the unusual and sometimes unexpected perfection of a nose, or the eyes, or lips.


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