SARA STRAND's TIPS: For the holidays, POP some color on! I wanted to add some brights and lights this winter – like a smoky eye with a twist by adding a touch of bright to the classic. Lips are left lusciously naked or subtle with a touch of plum. Make sure your skin is flawless before even starting to play with the shades – that really is key. Most importantly, don’t forget to curl your lashes and make sure to have fun, that’s what it’s all about!
Cabaret Bouquet
Cabaret c’vous plait! This gorgeous must have little beauty box hits the full score! You can’t miss the mark with these shades for full on glam, show stopping evenings. Comes with beginners luck instructions on “how to” for can’t go wrong application! Let this kit take center stage for some boiling hot old school glamour! Whole face in a case and all in one velvet mystique box! Lid, line, light your eyes, velvet skin powder and sleek glosses. Inspired by Cabaret’s leading lady, Sally Bowles, it houses the perfect shades and textures for luxurious, old Hollywood glamour.

Includes: 5 smoldering shades for a smoky eye, matte powder for a porcelain finish, 5 fabulous highlighters for luminous skin, double duty bronzer for a gorgeous glow, and 4 ultra glamorous lip duos.

£20.00 / $29.50
Pinup POP
The 40’s goddess is back! Let’s go play in the hay! A favorite, this kit is amazing for anyone who likes smoky but would like to try something new. Unique shades will bring an eye popping effect fit for a pinup! Use these brazing eye popping shades for a novel pinup experience. This unique color combo will give you a twist on the classic pinup look – making you yummier than cheesecake! Smoky sooty eyes have never looked so fresh. Shades baked and based in black for utter sultriness!

Includes: Jet black liner, smokey steel liner, sapphire blue liner, silver liner, deep plum, deep blue-violet, burnished bronze, emerald green, green olive-gold, perfect nude glow, opal gold, sparkling white.

£9.00 / $9.99
Lippy Hippie
20 luscious lip glosses for perfect petal lips - one gorgeous hue for each of those cool flower friends I know! Use these luscious lip coatings for a great start to lift the heart & match your mood – just make sure to bloom no matter what! Pure POP shades for budding lips!

Includes: 20 lush lip shades from soft petal pink to deep pretty plum.

£15.00 / $25
My One Liner
This is the only eyeliner you need and a true makeup wardrobe staple! That one liner that really makes a difference to face, framing your eyes and making them really stand out! We ALL need one! Go from a stroll to rock ‘n’ roll with this eye magnifying evening staple. This unique formulation seals itself onto your eyelid, making it incredibly long lasting and water resistant. This unique intense liquid formula creates an elastic line that moves with your eyes, never looking dry or flaky but always smooth, glossy, and intensely jet black.

£8.00 / $18.00
Nail Glam
Twinkle NEW! Electric glimmer
Xmas Ruby red with red glitter

£6.00 / $14.00

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