MAC In the Studio Collection

In The Studio
North America - 12/26/09, Int'l - 1/10

Dramatic, daring Lashes have been a chic and urbane part of the modern Artist's persona since Edie and friends made it all happen Downtown, on block-print canvas or grainy 16-millimetre film. Multi-media, counter-culture, the ultimate cool. In The Studio is the epitome of the look updated, featuring new Studio Fix Lash in Black Fix or Studio Brown, with the latest thermoplastic synth-rubber moulded brush, designed to kill clump as it seperates lashes. The perfect complement? Studio Fix Powder, a powder and foundation-in-one, combining complete coverage with ease of application, goes on dry with a matte, velvety texture. Silica keeps the matte flat and absorbs oil, and talc smoothes it out. Go for the bold stroke, as they do In The Studio.

-Studio Fix Lash $13.00USD/$15.50CAD
Black Fix Black
Studio Brown Brown

-Studio Fix Powder $26.00USD/$31.00CADNC37

Source: Cosmetosaur, LushiousBeauty

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