DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Collection

DKNY will release a trio of gourmand fragrances in February of 2010 all based on the candy-apple-at-the-fair theme. The collection called Delicious Candy Apples further expands the Delicious portfolio with Sweet Caramel, Ripe Raspberry and Juicy Berry.

Sweet Caramel is a sweet fruity-floral with notes of apple, pear, marshmallow, jasmine blossoms, soft velvety violets, lilies, green leaves, a whipped accord of creamy caramel and vanilla. Ripe Raspberry has notes of ripe, juicy raspberry, crisp, fresh apples, tangy limes, soft peony and magnolia flowers, with a bubbly and delicious note of Cola. Juicy Berry features notes of crisp, fresh currants, sensual lychee, delicious pears, juicy blackberries, fruity nectar, velvety rose petals, delicious, delicate apple blossoms, creamy sandalwood and blond woods.

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  1. i can't wait until the candy apples come out! Be Delicious is one of my favorite perfumes.