CND Spring 2010: Candy Store, Sand Dunes, Dark & Stormy

For Spring/Summer 2010 the look is Candy Store. It's based on 50's and 60's Americana with a whimsical, sugary color combo. The new Colour is still unnamed but description of the hue is "energized pastel" not neon fluorescent but not your typical soft, spring pink. The accompanying Effect, named Sugar Sparkle, is a white sparkle with more texture than the current Effects. It gives a crystallized look to the nail.

Other Spring trends from CND include Sand Dunes and Dark and Stormy.
Sand Dunes plays off clothing details like sculpted shoulders, soft draped silhouettes, decayed fabrics with bits of silica sparkle and texture worn on a medium-to-long sleek, almond shaped nail. CND is embracing the lace/fabric overlay look, adding a Copper Chrome tip. Get the look: Studio White, Desert Suede, Blueberry Whip, Copper Chrome.
Dark and Stormy is all about texture. Weathered, oxidized, dark colors. Stray fabric strands and eroded hardware.Get the look: Layer Gold Sparkle or Silver Chrome over Inkwell or Oilslick. Sponge Silver Chrome over Brilliant White.

Source: AllLacqueredUp

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