MAC Love That Look Collection Preliminary Information

According to Temptalia,

Featuring sixteen limited shades with a few repromotes, Love That Look is this year’s follow up from last year’s Starflash Collection. The collection will include four Pearlglide eye liners (most likely a combination of repromotes and maybe one or two new ones) and twelve shades of eyeshadows. The range of colors looks like we are in for some smoldering greens, plums, and maybe a bright color .

Up for debate are repromoted names like Dreammaker, Grand Entrance, and Smoke & Diamonds — but these could always be working names, too, for shades similar. Other working names include Green LD, Green Bronze, Rated R Green, Glaring Blue, Eggplant, Bella, Glam, Sparkle, and Circus.

For the Pearlglide Eye Liners, I saw Rave, Fly By Blue, Black Russian, and Molasses on the table. All of these names are subject to change, and they’re only the faintest hint as to what is to come in the collection.

According to
Debbie of Lushious Beauty, these are the names of the twelve shadows from Love That Look:

Fashion Groupie
Glamour Check!
Grand Entrance
Rated R
Smoke & Diamonds
Strike a Pose
Style Snob
Un-basic White

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