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Cheeky Bronze is a coral-peachy-gold with a texture similar to Shimpagne. The colour isn't quite like anything else that comes to mind - for one thing, it has much more coral than most MSFs to date.

Sunny by Nature is like a deeper, browner Amber lights with pinkish-red and gold shimmer and a texture similar to a veluxe pearl or the Brunette Blonde Redhead MSFs. It is absolutely the smoothest, most pigmented of the lot of new MSFs!

Warm Blend's middle stripe has a texture similar to Brunette and the other stripes are like crappy a mineralize eyeshadow (e.g. Love Connection's gold side - this may also be thought of as a chunky texture like that of a bad lustre). The colours are like amber lights, twinks and an incomparable pinkish copper.

Triple Fusion is a less smooth Femme-Fi, a smoother Mythology if you wiped half off and a worse version of the lighter sides of Blonde. The texture is chunky, hard to build and there is basically no colour payoff.

Smooth Merge is like Blonde MSF if it had sex with different gold eyeshadows. It is also chunky and hard to build with essentially no payoff.
Natural Flare
A brown that is very pigmented and rich - a deepish chocolate with pearlized pigments finish.
A yellowish medium orange, same frosted pearled finish with a nice consistency.
A pale orangey copper with poor texture.
A frosty white gold with a bad consistency.

A frosty yellow gold with a shimmery finish and a weird, uneven texture.
A really frosty white colour with a finish that is definitely similar to a bad lustre shadow.
Mediumish coverage with a soft frost finish and it has warmish greyish greenish tones which are very subtle.
The black is just like the one in Danger Zone MES - it is a deep pigmented black with soft silver glitter effects.

Odd Bits
A dupe of Mythology which might have a better texture?
A pigmented smooth frosty brownish bronze with possible red tones.
A sheer, awful textured pink.
A smooth, cooler toned frosted grey (compared to Assemblage's grey)

Fashion Patch
A sheer cool toned frosty white.
A similar (if not same) frosty mid-tone sky blue as what is in Persuasive MES.
A sheer shimmered pink with a weird uneven texture.
The same black again as in Assemblage and Danger Zone.

A white gold with a weirdish texture. It's the same as the highlight shade in Natural Flare.
A pigmented smooth brown bronze.
A sheer dusty formula grey-purple.
A deeper greyish plummy purple that reminds one of the purple side of Earthly Riches MES duo.

Girlish Romp
A sheer, barely there highlight colour.
A dirty frosted pink.
A medium violet brightened with pearlized pigments.
A frosted gold-yellow peach that appears to have an uneven texture.
All the colours in this are very sheer when compared to other quads. It's kind of dumb. Really, not exciting, probably not worth the bother.
FROM: http://blog.automaticjacket.com/blog5.php, a lovely MAC addict!

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