Lalique Travel Sprays

Lalique wants to bring their rich perfume collection closer to their clients this season in a more economic way, by presenting the well-known fragrant notes in flacons for traveling. The new Lalique editions are characterized with simple lines and shapes to fit into your purse, which enables them to be your constant companions while traveling.

Each flacon was designed with full attention, as simple and in accordance with commercial packages of the house of Lalique. The collection encompasses four fragrances for women and three for men. Their flacons are ultimately elegant and modern, while hiding one of the following perfumes inside:

Lalique Amethyst from 2007,
Lalique from 1992,
Lalique Le Parfum from 2005,
Lalique Perles from 2006,
Lalique White from 2008,
Lalique Encre Noire from 2006,
Lalique pour Homme from 1997.

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