Shu Uemura Pink Collection

Rouge Unlimited’s Pink Collection, a series of lipsticks and glosses made with a Pink Hybrid Pigment, one of the purest pink pigments ever discovered and patented by the cult Japanese beauty company. Thanks to this breakthrough, this lip collection boasts the most vibrant hues available, creating new and unique shades of pink never seen before.

The Pink Hybrid Pigment, which was discovered by shu uemura laboratories, is made up of a fusion between a mineral core and an organic shell, which produces particles that are perfectly round and regular in shape. This consistency is what makes the hues of the lipstick so bright and pure. This is what creates the new and unique hues of pink seen in the collection with shades that range from never before seen light, yellowish, dark and bluish pinks.
Light pinks with yellow tints
PK 321 Rouge Unlimited
PK 322 Rouge Unlimited
PK 323 Rouge Unlimited
PK 310N Gloss Unlimited

Light pinks with blue tints
PK 343 Rouge Unlimited
PK 344 Rouge Unlimited
PK 325N Gloss Unlimited
PK 333S Gloss Unlimited

Dark pinks with yellow tints
PK 312 Rouge Unlimited
PK 316 Rouge Unlimited
PK 315N Gloss Unlimited
Dark pinks with blue tints
PK 359 Rouge Unlimited
PK 369 Rouge Unlimited
PK 378S Gloss Unlimited
Available: April 2009 at shuuemura-usa.com, shu uemura boutiques and counters nationwide.

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