Guerlain ''Muguet'' - Today Only!!

A special perfume, a unique story, released in sale for only 1 day in a year – May 12th in Guerlain's stores. This is a fragrance that celebrates arrival of spring 2009, composed of aromas characteristic of this time of year.

This is a fragrance of awakening of nature, delicate, luxurious and refreshing. Muguet is Guerlain's overture to beautiful spring days composed of aromas of citruses, which are sparkling and playful. The main role is taken over by bergamot tingling your nostrils and introducing a floral bouquet of lily and lily of the valley, with fresh waves of jasmine and rose. The fragrance is a delicate and refreshing story, told only for this spring.

Its flacon is transparent and made of glass, with a white atomizer, which gives it a special retro style. The flacon is decorated with green ribbon and white threads. A very romantic edition.

The fragrance Muguet will be available for a single day in the year in Guerlain's boutiques, on May 12th 2009. Exclusive price of this fragrance is 262 euro.

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