Demeter Vintage Naturals 2009

Demeter has launched the Demeter Vintage Naturals Collection, a new series of fragrances highlighting particular harvests of natural materials and featuring all-natural ingredients. For this first set, the fragrances include Geranium, Rosebush, Mimosa, Patchouli and Lavender. Future sets will depend on the availability of suitable materials:

The production run was limited to 25,000 of each of the scents, for a total of 125,000 bottles, but Mark D. Crames, chief executive officer of Demeter, asserted the Vintage Naturals brand is not a limited edition concept. But — in the event there may not be particularly suitable crops next year — certain scents will not be recreated.

Geranium ~ “A floral masterpiece opening with Lavender, settling into Geranium and finishing with Patchouli and Cedar.”
Rosebush ~ “A luscious blend of Chamomile Rose Absolute and Rose petals wrapped soft woods.”
Mimosa ~ “An exciting and exclusive olfactory trip that surrounds Mimosa Absolute with notes of Basil, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Vanilla and Tonka Bean.”
Patchouli ~ “An intoxicating fragrance that begins with Orange, Cardomon and Nutmeg, ending with Cedar, Vetivert and, of course Natural Patchouli.”
Lavender ~ “Calming, soothing, soft and simply beautiful, this Natural Lavender is perfectly balanced with aspects of Orange, Lemon, Galbanum and expensive rare woods.”

The Demeter Vintage Naturals fragrances are available in 15 ml splash ($20) or 50 ml spray ($68) Eau de Parfum.

“Like all Demeter fragrances, these have no artificial color and the alcohol is naturally fermented from corn. In this case, however, the fragrance oil itself is 100% natural. The only thing that is not natural is 0.2% Bittex, a bitter taste agent used to denature the alcohol.”

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