M.A.C. Sugarsweet Collection

Who cares if the candy man can… it’s the cupcake ingenue who’s caught the sweet spot this season. Temptation is everywhere - luscious, whipped-cream decadent, deliciously decorative frosting colours and sugared almond combinations. Like peering through the window of a Parisian patisserie, you’ll want to become one of each! Have fun with a new Red Velvet recipe Shadestick. Tricolour Lipglass is like a mille feuille of layered lip gloss colours, each gives way to the next in a triple-layered pearl-swirl of prettiness; add extra yum to Eye Shadow; Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish is the ultimate cake walk. We could eat you up.
Tasty, Simply Delicious, Just Dessert, Consume Me, Triple Yum Tricolour Lipglasses
Tasty and Triple Yum are the pigmentest of the bunch but I am picking up Just Dessert for sure, ain't they super pretty? They are really new for M.A.C. , priced 17,5$ each.
Touch, Bubbles, Lollipop Loving, Saint Germain Lipsticks
Touch is permanent; Bubbles is a repromote; Lollipop Loving is a repromote from Heatherette; Saint Germain is a repromote from Euristocrats - and Sweet Thing is new, a mid tone magenta. They're super cute, especially Lollipop Loving!
Seasonal Peach and Peppermint Patti Nail Polishes; Perfect Topping and Refined Mineralize Skin Finishes
Ahhh breakfast green nail color, so classy! Also both of the MSfs - a lilac swirly pink and peach/coral melange - are really cute.
Penny, Butternutty, Cakeshop, Red Velvet, Lemon Chiffon Shadesticks
I love shadesticks, and those new colorful choices are yummy.
Eyeshadows in Sugarshot, Stars n' Rockets, Aquavert, Dear Cupcake, Club
Not unique but pretty shades - ahh sugarshot had my heart.
Close - up on Shadesticks.
Close - up on Tricolor Lipglasses.

Avaible at
www.maccosmetics.com and www.nordstrom.com


  1. I thought I'd be obsessed with the Hello Kitty collection, but I was more obsessed with this! The lipglasses are my fav!

  2. Mine too! I have Just Dessert and I'm planning to get Tasty. I also own Lemon Chiffon s/s which is great as a base! Thanks for visiting my blog.