Nectar Shine Hydrating Care Lipgloss SPF 8 @ Sephora

A three-in-one lip shine, moisturizer, and SPF 8 that hydrates, fends off the harmful effects of the sun, and creates a sweetly glistening finish. Its innovative gel texture is emollient without being sticky or tacky.Let your lips shimmer with this smooth, fruit extract and vitamin-enriched, tasty treat. A built-in brush applicator makes achieving pout perfection a breeze.

Cherry Shine (bright fruit punch shimmer)$14
Coconut Shine (sheer frosty shimmer)$14
Ginger Shine (very sheer neutral nude shimmer)$14
Grape Shine (pinky brown shimmer)$14
Litchi Shine (sheer pale pink shimmer)$14
Mango Shine (bright orange shimmer)$14
Papaya Shine (peachy coral shimmer)$14
Peach Shine (very sheer warm shimmer)$14
Rasberry Shine (irridescent magenta shimmer)$14
Strawberry Shine (sheer candy pink shimmer)$14

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