Demeter Fragrance Library with David & Goliath

Demeter Fragrance Library and David & Goliath T-Shirts make 5 perfumes together, excluive to YesStyle ( www.yesstyle.com )
Boys Are Smelly
A soft, warm fragrance reminiscent of vintage leather and its well-worn musty and rich scent, definitely not smelly at all! Poignant memories are suddenly brought to fore with a whiff of this evocative cologne spray. The moisturizing and calming body lotion nicely rounds up the set for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Boys are Smelly (limited Coffret) contains:
- Boys are Smelly 120ml/4.0 fl oz
- Pure Soap body lotion 120ml/4 fl oz.
Drama Queen
Unleash your inner “Trendy Wendy” with an equally trendy Black Pansies and Champagne scent which morphs into tart Raspberries upon drying. The cherry blossom concentrated calming lotion adds to the fruity feel of Drama Queen, making it doubly fun and twice as hip.

Drama Queen (limited Coffret) contains:
- Drama Queen 120ml/4.0 fl oz
- Cherry Blossom body lotion 120ml/4 fl oz.
Trouble Maker
Part of the quirky collaboration with David and Goliath t-shirts, this Eve L. inspired fragrance contains a whiff of all the bad stuff your mother warned you about. What kind of stuff you may ask? Well stuff like: Cannabis, White Flowers, Whiskey Tobacco and a good dose of brand new Black Leather. Pass you a bottle? Why surely.

Trouble Maker (Limited Coffret):
- Trouble Maker Fragrance (120ml / 4.0 fl oz)
- Baby Powder Body Lotion (120ml / 4 fl oz)
It's All About Me
A sinfully rich scent of Warm Caramel and Vanilla Cream. Resist the urge to nibble your own pulse points after a splash or two of this scrumptious fragrance. A calming and soothing baby powder body lotion is thrown in as well for an absolutely luscious experience.

It's All About Me (Limited Coffret):
- It's All About Me (120ml / 4.0 fl oz)
- Baby Powder Body Lotion (120ml / 4 fl oz)
Chicks Rule
With notes of fresh Cane Sugar, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Green Apple and To Yo Ran, this sunny and sparkling fragrance is a refreshing treat for hot and muggy summer days. Feel your mood instantly lighten up with each spritz of Chicks Rule Cologne Spray. A baby powder scented body lotion completes the set for the ultimate energizing experience.

Chicks Rule cologne spray Set (limited Coffret) contains:
- Chicks Rule cologne spray 120ml/4.0 fl oz
- Baby Powder body lotion 120ml/4 fl oz.

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