ARTDECO Beauty Pop Color Expression

The new ARTDECO Fashion Colors Spring/Summer 2009 create magic colors!

Expressive and strong shades accentuate eyes, lips and cheeks. The fresh color range goes from luminous intense to airy delicate. Ideal for storing the new eyeshadow colors or blusher - the Beauty Box ART DESIGN 09. The fancy design is borrowed from the gorgeous pictures created by the neo-pop artist Romero Britto.

Magnetic box in an exclusive Romero Britto design

You can perfectly store your eyeshadows and blushers in the refillable magnetic boxes. Thanks to the integrated mirror, the ARTDECO Beauty Boxes are ideal when traveling.

The design of the Beauty Box:The fancy design of the Beauty Box is borrowed from the gorgeous pictures created by the Brazilian neo-pop artist Romero Britto. Britto's happy and colorful masterpieces not only represent a positive and optimistic way of life; the revenues for his creations are gladly given to charities. This inspired ARTDECO to grant the non-profit organization "Best Buddies Deutschland e.V." (Germany) 10% of revenues of the Beauty Box to support mentally disabled people.
What else the collection includes?

Powder blusher in practical magnetic pan ( 1 new color: Raspberry Blush )
Powder eyeshadows in shimmery pearl shades( 1 new color: Pearly Cornflower Blue )
Powder eyeshadows in iridescent duocrome colors ( 3 new colors: Sunshine Yellow, Golden Coffee & Pistachio Green )
Powder eyeshadow cartridge for the Eye Designer ( 2 new colors: Light Citrus & Sparkling Orchid )
Waterproof eyeliner pencil ( 2 new colors: Pistachio Green, Cornflower Blue )
Perfect Color Eyeliner ( Liquid eye liner with special brush ) ( Black, brown, gold, olive and turquoise )
Luxurious lipstick with Maxi Lip ™ ( 2 new colors: Poppy Red & Spicy Tangerine )
Lipstick with perfect color dispense and high shine ( 2 new colors: Sweet Rose & Light Rose Quartz )
Waterproof lip liner ( 2 new colors: Sweet Rosé & Peony Red )
Nail lacquer with double brush ( 2 new colors: Light Cream Rose & Red Heat )

Pricing & Sizing

Soft Eye Liner waterproof, ca. 6,80 Euro
Perfect Color Eyeliner, ca. 9,50 Euro
Eye Designer Applikator, ca. 9,50 Euro
Eye Designer Refill, ca. 7,50 Euro
Beauty Box Blusher Trio Eyeshadow ART DESIGN 09, ca. 6,80 Euro
High Performance Lipstick, ca. 12,80 Euro
Perfect Color Lipstick, ca. 9,50 Euro
Soft Lip Liner waterproof, ca. 6,80 Euro
Wonder Brush Nail Lacquer, ca. 8,50 Euro
Blusher, ca. 8,50 Euro

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