Clinique ''Comfort on Call''

Relief in a world of irritants. Tested by a leading dermatologist who specializes in skin allergies on dry, sensitive and reactive skins. With the best barrier restoratives and skin comforters from nature and science to quiet reactivity, it's a world of comfort. Make sure it's on hand. Ideal for dry, cracked, easily irritated skins and those bothered by wind and extreme cold. Appropriate for people with eczema or sensitive skin.

Clinique's Comfort on Call is the first and only skin treatment to include Jabara Peel Extract. We've made it the heart of our unique Enviro - Soothe Complex.

Jabara, often referred to as "magic fruit", was registered as a new species in 1979 and bears a name that derives from its organisation with purifying the spirit and is. After hearing the stories of this "magic fruit," scientists looked to expose the impact of this superfood, and the result is Clinique’s Comfort on Call. It is the guts of Clinique’s unique Enviro-Soothe Complicated , including manly anti-irritants Mangosteen and Glycyrrhetinic Acid ( licorice extract ).

Skin becomes more at the mercy of the damaging consequences of common allergens and environmental pollutants,eg airborne particles, when the skin barrier is diminished. It is these external aggressors that will get into the skin barrier and irritate it. He added :

"The technology behind Comfort on Call was especially built to take our fight against irritants and their affect on skin to the subsequent level. In reality, if used steadily, over time the skin barrier will become powerful against future encounters with irritants.".

It helps relieve dry, cracked skin although it softens, smooths and improves the skin’s texture and condition. Citrus Jabara Fruit Extract, a fruit extract native to the Wakayama area in Japan, which helps calm irritated skin. Mangosteen, originated around Indonesia in the Sunda and Spice Islands, which boasts manly antioxidant, anti-irritant benefits. Dimethicone acts as a protectant to the skin’s barrier to treat dry, chapped skin and offers a cushion for easy application so that skin isn’t irritated.

According to Dr Mammone, Comfort on Call was designed with less warm weather in mind it helps to supply an invisible protecting barrier on our face forestalling chapping, redness, and so on.

"In fact, this product was tested on girls who stood in freezers to repeat intense weather conditions. "Based on our dermatologic heritage Clinique has always concentrated on sensitive skin and all our products are Allergy Tested and a hundred percent Perfume Free. With this understood, we designed Comfort on Call not only for folk with sensitive skin, except for folk who are especially sensitive to external irritants. It should be used twice a day together with daily skin care regimen," he said.

50 ml, 45 Euro.

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