Goodbye 2008: 3 Beauty Trend That I Fell in Love With

We firstly saw black lips on Fall 08 Catwalk of Yves Saint Lauren: in a gothic Japanese doll style, combined with porcelain face. Then YSL Beauty released GLOSS PUR BLACK, just like how Lancome released a Color Fever Gloss called Piha Black - a sparkly black gloss for making a gutsy, bold and marginal look. Too much, or just original? Your choice!
OK, let me tell you how much new lipsticks that are super - duper creamy released this year - First of all, MAC Slimshines made a great new collection with yummy shades. Then Bobbi released Creamy Lip Color in 14 colors which has becomes a hit in a short time. Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in 15 shades has released, in a major price and anti - ageing benefits way. Urban Decay Lipstick was absolutely yummy as a release, too. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick ($34.00) in 18 shades was the queen of them all with its amazingly beautiful formula and colors. MAC released a permanent collection called CremeSheen, which was - um, creamy? Clinique High Impact Lipsticks with 14$ price tag has released, and I just can't stop drooling!
''Indian'', ''Africa'', ''Bollywood'', ''Ethnic'', ''Earthy'' was the key words of this year ... Lancome released a Brazilian Colors collection with their model, Daria Werbowy in coffee and nudes. MAC's 2 blush - 2 gloss - 2 lipstick - 1 palette included collection Manish Aurora ( logo is here ) sold out in one night and become a cult. YSL's summer collection's name was Lights Of Africa, and it included golds, oranges and coppers and a cult bronzer compact. Lancome's Fall Collection was called MAHARANI JEWELS, and its elephant printed bronzer and exotic Juicy Tubes was very yummy. Seems like this trend jumped thru 2009 too: Givenchy makes a Bollywood - themed yummy collection ( with a gorgeous kohl pencil ) for upcoming spring!

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  1. I am finding it so hard not to purchase anything at the moment. I need to stop wathcing your blog as I am burning a hole my wallet.