Twilight Beauty Update

Cristina Bartolucci, better known as the mastermind behind the hugely succesful DuWop, and is now launching Twilight Beauty. The brand consists of two lines; LunaTwilight and Volturi.

LunaTwilight is supposed to be the higher-end of the brand, boasting products with such lovely names as “First Light Body Glow,” “Mortal Glow Blushing Creme” and palettes with the names “Bella,” “Rosalie,” “Alice” and “Victoria.”

Volturi will, assumingly consist of lower-priced products, and some of the products are reported to be: “Deity Body Lotion,” “Immortal Body Shimmer” and “Crown Mascara”.
-Luna Twilight Lipstick- There is no official release date yet, but the products will be available at the coming site Twilightbeauty.com.
Twilight Lip Venom: Avaible for Preorder at Nordstrom.com Twilight LipVenom® is a unique, dual-phased formula with a venom-tinged conditioning oil on top and gorgeous rich red lip stain on the bottom. This unique configuration allows the products to be used separately or shaken to create a beautiful, conditioning stain. 16$

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  1. As much as I shouldnt buy it since its in now way affilated with Twilight... I couldnt resist a palette named "alice" or "bella" lol.