Cartier Les Heures de Parfum Collection

The house of Cartier celebrates 100 years of their existence with an amazing unisex collection Les Heures de Parfum. Luxurious editions are fragrant references of Cartier's tradition inspired by moments in time – those that make life what it is.

Unisex quintet Les Heures de Parfum features engraved Roman numbers and appears in luxurious, red outer carton – typical and characteristic of Cartier. Golden details on their flacons and carton insinuate that highest quality ingredients were used in perfume compositions. The first five out of thirteen announced perfumes were created in collaboration with perfumer of the house of Mathilde Laurent. The numbers that mark the perfumes are not lined in chronological order (I, IV, X, XII and XIII) and they were presented as the first fragrant moments in time. XIII is a very important number for Cartier, since their boutique in Paris is situated at the 13 Rue de la Paix, Paris, and presents the historical moment in time important for Cartier brand.

L`Heure Promise I is the moment when everything begins! It is a
blend of petit grain, fresh herbs, iris, sandalwood and musk.
Brilliant IV
stands for a moment of love, gentleness, smile and freedom
brought by linen seed, lemon, gin and aldehydic notes.
L`Heure Folle
is a cheeky moment of nature presented by aromas of fruit enriched
with carats – as Mathilde Laurent states; it incorporates red currant, pink
pepper, grenadine, blueberry and black currant accompanied by a breeze of ivy,
violet, boxwood, shiso and aldehydes. L`Heure Mysterieuse XII
is a very sensual and personal moment which will intoxicate you with aromas of
jasmine, patchouli, coriander, elemi, incense and nutmeg.
La Treizieme
Heure XI
II is the final fragrance of the collection – a dangerous and
incredibly seductive moment! It incorporates notes of leather, mate, birch,
bergamot, patchouli and vanilla.

L`Heure Promise, L`Heure Brilliant and L`Heure Folle are eau de toilette; while L`Heure Mystérieuse and La Treizième Heure are eau de parfum. The fragrances of the Les Heures de Parfum collection are sold separately in 75 ml flacons for 250 dollars.

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