M.A.C. Style Black Promos

MAC Style Black Collection
U.S. Launch Date: September 24th, 2009
International Launch Date: October 2009

From “Back to Black” beehive and eyeliner to Steven “80s” Sprouse-in-the-House kohl and fringe to Gareth Pugh London New Goth, Black is simply beyond. Lips, nails, eyes there’s no more dramatic way to declare your desire, separate your sensibility, celebrate your magnetism. They WILL surrender to a Blackfire Glimmerglass, Rapidblack Penultimate Eyeliner, a slash of Greasepaint Stick, and the hot scratch of Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer. Style Black is a way of life, a shadowy and mysterious figure of fantasy, even for just one dark and dangerous night.

"Your lips, nails and eyes to fully reflect your desires, your stress sensitivity and magnetism. No-one can resist Blackfire Glimmerglass, Rapidblack Penultimate, Greaseapaint Stick, Baby Goth Girl nail polish . No matter in what age, anyone who carries a bit of darkness may be due to MAC Black Style. This is not cosmetics, this is a lifestyle. "

The inspiration to create a collection for the MAC was in black and white photographs, dark Film Noir and the splendor of Hollywood: Bette Davis eyes from the Andy Warhol Factory Girls and a number of fashion shows at the turn of the year.

STYLE Black is a unique, international make-up of that dark night sheathed world around the clock. This trend had its origins at the fashion shows: Donna Karan, Vivienne Westwood, Yigal Azrouel, CNC Costume Nationale, when it was used for the first time a line of products from Style Black. Make Stylish Black offer a technique which you achieve the effect you want, from the brave "... as the world pitch black eyelashes and white alabaster skin ..."... to a more subtle one, only adding a little mystery.

MAC is proposing "Take a pencil to the event from the Sedgwick look! Stylish Black is everything and nothing - everything you need for every woman this season, and perhaps always has."

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