NEW! Nars Eye & Lip Palettes

NARS 'Best of Lips' Palette
Six-well palette of the best of NARS lips. Rich textures, vibrant hues and long-wearing finishes make this the must-have item for fall lips. Top shades include Copacabana, Chelsea Girls and Dolce Vita. Bottom shades include Orgasm Multiple, Eros and Red Lizard. $50.00
NARS 'Essential' Eye Palette
The NARS Essential Eye Palette provides an elegant assortment of signature NARS shades that combine to achieve an array of demure or dramatic expressions in warm and cool tones for the eye. Top shades include Unconditional Love, Night Star and Galapagos. Bottom shades include Nepal, Ondine and Thunderball. $55.00

Both avaible at www.nordstrom.com

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