FW SS11: Le Metier de Beaute & Fekkai @ Marchesa

With the new Marchesa Color Collection for Le Métier de Beauté, it's obvious that the duo behind the brand care quite a bit about beauty and have opinions regarding it, so for the show, the right balance was made between gorgeous skin, meticulous makeup, and a defined hairstyle to compliment the embellished clothing.


Using brushes are the essence of achieving this look, and the goal is to make everything, including the hair, go in an upwards direction. For starters use the new Marchesa for Le Métier de Beauté Sheer Illumination Highlighter (which has some pink sheerness to it) in the t-zone and under the eyes. Apply a white matte cream shadow atthe lash line, blending upward. Use a larger blending brush to apply a taupe-colored eyeshadow over the lid and crease. Use this same shade of taupe under the cheekbones to add contour, and brush it again along the lower lash line, as well as a darker taupe hue just in the corner of the eye to visually enlarge it. Finalize the eye by taking a white eyeliner to create a "V" shape in the upper and lower inner corners. Finish off with lots of black mascara. On the lips, minimize the natural color by tapping on foundation before applying on a combination of Kona and Bali lip colors from the La Luna Palette in the Marchesa for Le Métier de Beauté collection. Pat the lipstick only on the inner part of the center of the lips.

A textural foundation is integral to executing this look, and hair lead Renato Campora recommends blowing hair out back to front to tease hair at the roots and give it extra height and movement. Next, apply Essential Shea Tame & Style Pot de Créme to the hair, and create a high ponytail with a light braid, wrapping it around the base and securing it to the crown of the head with bobby pins. Pull just a few thin strands of hair out of the top of the braid, and use Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray to seal the style, spraying and combing the spritz in with a fine-toothed comb upwards in the back of the head, underneath the bun. Depending on their dress, some models' buns were flanked with ornate, one-piece jewels, supplied to Campora by Marchesa (no word yet if they will be available for sale).

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