FW SS11: Jill Stuart Beauty @ Jill Stuart

Charlotte Tilbury created a knockout tangerine lip, seemingly dripping with gloss that accented the models' dewy complexions. "This color suits most people," she told us. "It's not too bright, but more modern that last season's red lip, and it complements every skin tone and makes your eye color pop. It's incredibly effective!"

To give skin a glossy finish, Tilbury mixed foundation with moisturizer. She lightly enhanced the brows with a taupe brow pencil, and used a bright orange lip pencil on the pout for stay-put color, topped off with clear lips gloss or Vaseline for extra shine. Jill Stuart Cosmetics' new tangerine gloss was also used for the lips. She rubbed a little chocolate brown eye shadow into the lashlines. To try tangerine lips yourself, she suggests pairing them with a clean face and a little mascara.

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  1. thank you so much for this post! I was just looking through my favorite SS11 looks and this look just stands out to me. I love love love the tangerine lips. And it's so easy to replicate!