FW SS11: Bumble & Bumble and Dashing Diva @ Cushnie et Ochs

Hairstylist Jordan M. wanted to give the girls lots of texture so he amped up locks, working with a wavy setting spray, blowdryer, and his hands. Dashing Diva manicurists reinterpreted the "digging in gold" look Cushnie et Ochs wanted by applying ragged, gold foil onto the edges of the nails and then covering their entire toe nail in the same foil.

: Saturate strands with Surf Spray and blowdry product throughout, using hands to enhance the natural texture. Add hair extensions if necessary for length. Create a clean, middle part and finish with Does It All Finishing Spray.
Nails: Start with round, short nails. Apply one coat of clear nail polish. Paint on Dashing Diva's Fashion District nail lacquer along the edges to mimic the gold edge finish.

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