Lipstick Queen ''Fired Up'' Lipgloss

Click and zoom please.
Fifteen Minutes of Fame Lipgloss ( comes in 15 colors,inspired by pop art movement leaded by Andy Warhol ) has released! Also Poppy King has another surprise for us: Fired Up Lipgloss! A sheer fire engine red lipgloss that boosts your confidence. 100% of the profits from Fired Up Power Gloss ($14) will go to
Count Me In, a nonprofit that benefits women's movement for economic independence. Both of the glosses are shimmer free and comes in clickable tubes.
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  1. Wow I can't believe 100% of the profits are donated...that is amazing! I am excited to try the fire red gloss...shimmer free!!!

  2. I was looking for a sheer, matte red gloss for such a long time, I am so excited! Bonus: I will feel good about making the purchase as well!! Winner :]