Illamasqua Winter Sneak Peek: DYSTOPIA

After the phenomenal success of our first ever seasonal collection, Sirens, Illamasqua is now going back to the dark, evocative roots of the 1920s and conjuring up an Autumn winter collection that will have you salivating..
The German director Fritz Lang’s masterpiece ‘Metropolis’ is a 1927 silent science fiction film that explored the civil unrest that was being felt by society in the 1920s and translated it into a metaphorical futuristic urban city. The cutting edge set design and directional styling has influenced a whole host of contemporary cultural references including Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’, Madonna’s music video for ‘Express Yourself’ and The Matrix movies. This dark and sinister world was a big part of the inspiration behind this collection.
So what does Dystopia mean? A dystopian society is the opposite of a utopian society – it is mysterious, edgy and unexpected – exactly like our directional new collection. The products are a fusion of dark, twisted colours and hot, electric neons for surprising colour combinations; opening up a legion of possible looks.
We have brought back favourite product textures – including the cult Liquid Metal – and introduced some new ones, too. There are colours for the every day and products that your alter ego will want to revel in at night...

-A thick, metallic and really silver lipgloss (perhaps full coverage?)
-A bright pink lipgloss called 'Bright'
-A peach eyeshadow called Trollop
-An eyeshadow called Gimp
-Blushers in Brazen, Laid and Libido
- Rerelease of Liquid Metals in more colours

Source: Beaut.ie, Illamasqua Blog

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