FW SS11: Wella & Maybelline @ DKNY

Cool trenches, ruffles, and pretty turquoise prints were seen on the DKNY Spring 2011 runway, but the most influential piece on creating the hair look, according to Eugene Souleiman for Wella, was the assortment of scarves in the collection, found both cascading down the front on tops and tied neatly around the necks. "I thought it would be nice to have hair away from the face, not too hard, with a softness, a realness, a looseness (to it)."


Start with the Dream Liquid Mousse and Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil in the shades closest to the skin and hair. Layer on top some Power Blush in Pink, and use the third from right eye shadow color in the Copper Chic Eye Quad Palette. In the center of the eye, above the iris on the lid, add the third color in the Persuasian Pink Eye Quad Palette, a shimmery color, to add just a "spark to the eye." Finish with the new Color Sensational Lip Stain In the Buff, a pale pink hue.


Saturate hair with Velvet Amplifier, that acts as a "primer for the hair," and blow dry straight. Once you've created the curved, side part, bring hair into a centered, low ponytail. Grab about an inch down from the ponytail holder, and ponytail again, with the rest of the hair vertical and above the ponytail holder. Grab ponytail knob and turn clockwise about 45 degrees, so that the hair is moving from right to left, now to the side,with the remaining hair coming across the left shoulder. Finish off with some High Hair Styling Spray; Souleiman likes to first spray it on an oversized body powder brush, then smooth over the front of the hair.

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