FW SS11: AVEDA @ Organic by John Patrick

“The undone, wavy look is sexy and unrestrained, inspired by a girl’s hair after she’s been in the water. It’s very soft and flowing with lots of texture to give it a natural messiness. It’s loose, second-day hair—like it was curled the day before and then left alone. Our collection this season is based around water. I love that the hair look evokes the salty, windblown feel of hair that’s dried after being in the ocean. The style definitely has some 1970’s, Charlie’s Angels inspiration but the finished look is completely fresh.” — John Patrick of ORGANIC by John Patrick


1. Prep damp hair with Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Style-Prep Smoother™ for sleek smoothness and to prevent frizz. Use a fine-tooth comb to create a strong part of the left side of the head.
2. Scrunch Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Foam into damp hair and massage into roots for volume and shine. Blow hair dry with a large ceramic round brush, curling ends under.
3. Pin top section of hair up with a large clip so sides are free for curling. Use a large-barrel curling iron on one-inch sections of hair at a time, working from the bottom up.
4. Remove pin from top section and curl as done on the sides.
5. Sprinkle Aveda Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion from roots to ends and rake hands through hair to create texture and loose roughness to waves.
6. Finish with a mist of Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray for light hold and pull ends forward to rest on shoulders.

1. Prep skin with Aveda Enbrightenment™ Brightening Correcting Creme for luminosity.
2. Using the Aveda Inner Light™ Foundation Brush, apply Aveda Inner Light™ Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF 15 and Aveda Inner Light™ Concealer to even skin tone. Create a semi-matte finish with Inner Light™ Mineral Loose Powder in Translucent.
3. Use the Aveda Inner Light™ Foundation Brush to apply a small amount of Aveda Inner Light™ Mineral Dual Foundation to the contours of cheeks, choosing a foundation two shades deeper than natural skin tone.

1. Prep eyelids with Aveda Inner Light™ Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF 15. Highlight the center of the lid with the Aveda Petal Essence™ Eye Color Trio in Copper Haze—using the middle (contour) color of the palette to create a taupe-y, smoky look.
2. Define the contour of the eye with Aveda Petal Essence™ Eye Color Trio in Gobi Sands, using the middle color of the palette.
3. Swipe the center shade of the Gobi Sands Eye Color Trio from the inside corners of each eyelid to the outside corners, on both top and bottom lash lines.
4. Define the eyes with the Aveda Petal Essence™ Eye Definer in Cacao on the top and bottom lash lines. Smudge color and encircle the eyes with Aveda Flax Sticks™ Eye Smudger Brush (#5).
5. Brush eyebrows into place and softly define them with the Aveda Flax Sticks Brow & Lash Brush (#7). Define brows with the Gobi Sands Eye Color Trio.
6. Curl lashes and apply two coats of Aveda Mosscara™ in Black Forest to top and bottom.
7. For a wet finished look, use finger to dab a drop of Aveda All-Sensitive™ Body Formula on both tops and bottoms of the eyelid.

1. Prime lips with Aveda Nourish-Mint™ Renewing Lip Treatment. Apply Aveda Nourish-Mint™ Sheer Mineral Lip Color in Sheer Roseleaf and press into lips with a sponge to intensify natural color.
2. Apply a small amount of Aveda Nourish-Mint™ Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Raspberry Tea to the pout of the lips to create a more worn-in, hours-later look.

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