Paris Hilton Siren

Paris Hilton puts a playful spin on the myths of sand and sea to embody a mermaid – captivating, seductive, and irrestibly charming – for the launch of her newest fragrance, Siren launching in time for summer fun. Posing in shimmering golden scales against a backdrop of ancient ruins, Paris Hilton brings sophisticated, modern glamour to an iconic image in the Siren ad campaign shot by Mark Liddell.

Siren is all about being sexy in a playful way. I feel irresistible as a mermaid, “ says Paris Hilton. “And I love that the idea of Siren comes from long ago legends but is still super modern. What girl doesn’t want to have fun being a fantasy creature that men can’t resist?”“Although Siren is inspired by the ancient Greek tales of beautiful women, mermaids or water fairies, who were incredibly tantalizing and enticing, it is also contemporary as it invites every young woman to jump in and have fun exploring the fantasy of being phenomenally desirable – the way only a mermaid could be,” observes Neil Katz, CEO of Parlux Fragrances, Inc.

The sculpted glass bottle is whimsical, youthful but not unsophisticated. It is conceived to be fluid like the tail of a mermaid with pleats that twist around to evoke a spontaneous splash. A mermaid charm dangles at the neck, polished and playful.

Luxurious, exotic Frangipani flowers bring nighttime allure to the fresh, subtly sweet essence of Apricot nectar as Siren first teases the senses. Then day-blooming Honeysuckle surrounds the bouquet of rainforest Orchids and budding Water Lily at Siren’s heart. Bright notes of Sandalwood enhance a wave of Vanilla Beans capped with creamy Musk as this captivating tropical floral fragrance blossoms on sun-warmed skin.


  1. THis sounds like something that I'd like to try...(I didn't like her other perfume called fairy (?))Do you know where to get this?

  2. It will be avaible in all stores in July.