M.A.C. Fall Updates!

  • 1 True Black Cremesheen Lipstick
  • Mattenes: One a matte black, the other a repromoted deep purple. ( Probably Bing from C.O.C. )
  • A new lip product called Glimmerglass. It is sheer with shimmer, has adhesive polymers, and can be worn alone or over lipsticks for more coverage. There will be 3 shades of sheer black: One with gold pearl, one with pink/purple pearl and one creamy black. // P.S. : The gold flecked one used on eyes for sheen at backstage of Gucci //
  • There will be 4 mineralize black eyeshadows, each with different pearl pigments.
  • Greasepaint stick
  • Penultimate liner
  • 3 nail lacquers: Repromote of Nocturnelle and 2 others LEs. One is black with gold particle pearl and the other is black with pink/purple pearl.
  • #214 brush
  • 2 black CCBs: Bat Black (pro) and a new LE CCB.
  • Repromote of Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and new Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask.


  • It will be very modern, very urban. There are tones of taupy greys and blues with pops of coral. 4 lipsticks, 3 lipglasses and 1 quad will be avaible.
  • It'll be a "new" fragrance called Asphalt Flower. It will be in a vial with a roller ball applicator. //Asphalt Flower was one of 3 of MACs original scents way back in the day. The other two were Synthetic Nirvana and Hyper Souk. These used to come in small vials with a necklace so you could wear them around your neck.//


  • 2 new lipsticks and 2 shades of new product with glossy texture
  • Pro Lip Erase in Dim (perm.)
  • Lip Conditioner in Fuschia Fix (perm., used at backstage of Dsquared2 )
  • Feline Kohl Powder ( repr. )
  • #165 brush ( repr. )
  • A selection of the Pro Sculpt and Shape Powders
  • 3 Greasepaint sticks. Of the Greasepaint sticks, one is the black one from Style Black, the others are rumoured to be a sheer black with unique undertones. One undertone is a bright blue violet and one is a bright yellow blue. These are said to give a sheen of colour.

SOURCE: Specktra.net

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