M.A.C. Updates!

Except what we've just see :

Magic, Mirth, and Mischief October 15/November 15
So this is the fairytale collection right? I am guessing the Cinderfella eyeshadow that used at NYFW belongs to that one.

Warm and Cozy December 26
Warm version of Chill? Comes in same day with Chill Out (WN)

Chill Out (Working Name) December 26
I guess it is Chill Anniversary. I didn't liked Chill so hope I can pass this one. And first '''warm'' then ''chill''? Hilarious.

Palm Beach January 7
Have no frickin' idea.

Studio Fix Lash January 7
Another mascara/false/lash stuff? WELL THAT'S ENOUGH!

Cool Nudes with Brows January 7
Brows or browns? Hope it is the working name by the way.

via Specktra.net member joshuasebastien

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