Clarins Super Restroative Foundation True Lift SPF 15

Clarins launches Super Restorative Foundation True Lift SPF15 targeted to 50 and older woman seeking for natural coverage. These are said to trap cold wavelengths ranging from blue to green, which can make the complexion look lacklustre and dull, and transform them into warm wavelengths (ranging from pink to golden yellow), which illuminate and rejuvenate. A 100% mineral screen provides an SPF15. The formula also incorporates Clarins’ Expertise 3P Complex, which claims to protect skin against the harmful effects of pollution and dehydration. Super Restorative Foundation True Lift SPF15 is available in six shades (10 in US markets). It is presented in a 30ml airless ivory bottle.

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  1. I have this makeup, been using it for two months now. It looks so perfect when you put it on. But then... after 2 to 3 hours the foundation breaks down. I look crumbly and greasey! I went back to clarins and the y gave me a matte finishing powder which allows me to survive 3-4 hours in the make-up. I have also found that their eyeliner, mascara, and concelear have this same problem. I am so disapointed! I go from so beautiful to a wreak by noon! - I am currently researching other makeup alternatives. Any suggestions?