Chanel Fall 09: Noirs Obscurs

BritishBeautyBlogger gave the scoop of dark & mysterious Chanel Collection entitled ''Noirs Obscurs'' , debuting in September is this edgy and daring collection from Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel, that uses dense and dark tones, all dramatically undershot with black.

The Noirs Obscurs collection takes black to new extremes - three Rouge
Allure lipsticks are incredible; Maniac is black with hints of deep red,
Hysteria is possibly the most dramatic, hit with purplish aubergine notes, while
Obscure is warmed with tones of brown.

My favourite piece is the quad, Les Folies Noires; four beautiful black
toned buttons of colour each decorated with the double C logo. I've already
tried the two new Inimitable Noir Obscur Mascaras - they are the most densely
pigmented mascaras I have ever used. I'm told that the pigment density is
possible thanks to the inclusion of the blackest available iron


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