KRYOLAN Ultra Under Base Plus SPF 20

The perfect foundation combines perfectly with the skin surface, creating the complexion that is absolutely natural.

To create a perfect fusion of the skin with the foundation to achieve is now easy with KRYOLAN Plus Ultra Under Base SPF 20 on, which the skin in addition to the influence of harmful UVB rays protects. KRYOLAN Plus Ultra Under Base SPF 20 is the new version of the already proven KRYOLAN Ultra Under Base. The ultra-fine, caring and protective base cream for the perfect distribution of the foundation is now with SPF to sun protection.

The "Plus" stands for a protective filter against harmful UVB rays of sunlight. The word "PLUS" is also for more care. Vitamin E acetate gives the product a tactile comfort behalf. A special mix of ingredients makes the skin supple and smooth. Ultra Under Base SPF 20 Plus wears as a base to the foundation.After using this new make-up product only as an extremely small amount under foundation creates a beautiful and natural-looking complexion to obtain. Because of their care, the Plus Ultra Under Base SPF 20 for normal to combination skin as a skin cream without additional product to be used.

KRYOLAN Plus Ultra Under Base SPF 20, 60 ml approx 18,50 Euro *
KRYOLAN is Plus Ultra Under Base SPF 20 from the end of March 2009 exclusively avaible at KRYOLAN.

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