RMK Eyeshadow & Blush Revamp

RMK is revamping its lineup of eyeshadows and blushes on 8 May in Japan, with an advance launch at their flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo starting 24 April. The new line-up includes:

1. Ingenious Powder Eyes: 35 shades in 5 textures of 'dark', 'brown', 'pearl', 'shiny' and 'metallic (3675yen)
2. Ingenious Jelly Eyes: 8 shades (3675yen)
3. Ingenious Powder Cheeks: 23 shades in mix of matte and pearl textures (4200yen)
4. Ingenious Jelly Cheeks: 6 shades (4200yen)
From Biteki.com, Ingenious Powder Cheeks P-04, Ingenious Jelly Eyes JE-01 and Ingenious Powder Eyes ME-03.
RMK will also release a limited edition Separate Curl Mascara in EX02 Purple and E03 Deep Red (3675yen) on the same day.

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