MAC Graphic Gardens Pre - Info

This is the annual Nordies anniversary collection and will be launched on 09 Jul (The Bay) / 17 Jul (Nordies) 2009 [US/Canada].

Brush Bags: A black and white twill bag with a separate brush holder featuring a rose or poppy pattern. $49.50. There will be two types of bags, respectively containing either:
Define & Blend-129SE, 190SE, 209SE, 219SE, 252SE
Shape & Perfect-168SE, 187SE, 194SE, 212SE, 275SE

Eye Shadow 6 Palette: A black metal compact with a black and white plaque featuring the repeat signature MAC logo that morphs (holographic) into a black and white floral pattern when viewed from different angles. $38

Fresh Cut Palette
Floral Inc.(F), Sun-Shy(L), Fresh Cut(VP), Poppy Noir(V), Bloomcycle(VP), Part Peony(L), 213SE brush

Graphic Garden Palette
Social Climber(VP), Botancial Blue(F), Straight Hedge(VP), Wild Wisteria(L), Linear Lilac(VP), Graphic Garden(V), 213SE brush

Lip Bags: A black and whie twill makeup bag featuring a rose or poppy pattern $34.50

Summer Crop Lip Bag
Lipsticks: Semi-Annual(L), Garden Bed(L), Lipglass: Summer Crop(F)

Baby Blooms Lip Bag
Lipsticks: Soft Illusion(F), Spiceflower(A), Lipglass: Baby Blooms(F)

Look Box: A black carton featuring a photo of a model wearing the look (these are north america only) - $59.50. These will also include a face chart and a step-by-step how-to facechart.

Sun Siren Look Box
Bronze bronzer, Shroom eyeshadow, Amber Lights eyeshadow, Get Rich Quick dazzleglass, Zoomblack mascara, Promo 181 brush.

Seductress Look Box
Belightful iridescent powder, Naked Lunch es, Knight Divine es, Bare slimshine, Zoomblack mascara, Promo 181 brush.

Sweet Tease Look Box
Shell Pearl beauty powder, Gleam eye shadow, Mulch es, Love Nectar lustreglass, Zoomblack mascara, promo 181 brush

More info will come, it's just pre-info, thanks to www.specktra.net to letting us know.

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