CoverFX MintGlaze FX

Cover FX MintGlaze FX is a protective, fortifying, and freshening pout primer that hydrates and softens the appearance of lip lines. It's perfect for anyone with chapped or fine-lined lips, as well as those who want sun protection.

-Apply prior to sun exposure.
-Apply MintGlaze FX as a treatment liberally to sooth dry lips or use as a pout-perfecting primer under other lip products.
-Use three times daily and at night for maximum benefits.

-Lip Fill Technology Peptides + Hyaluronic Acid: Restores lip density and volume and increases collagen synthesis.
-Vitamins F.A.C.E. Concentrate: Contains F - Fortifying Omega 3 fatty acid, A - Anti-Age retinol to reduce wrinkles, C - proCollagen to redensify, E - Anti-oxidant protects collagen & elastin fibers.

-Lipid Captors: Contains Vitamin F + Shea Butter: Contains natural lipid barrier to reduce TEWL and instantly softens and comforts lips.

-Peppermint Oil: Provides cool freshness and is anti-bacterial.

22$ at www.sephora.com and other counters.

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