Bond No.9 Swarovski Stars, Collectibles Limited Editions for Mother`s Day

You know your favorite Bond No. 9 scents like you know your most fabulous friends: You met, you had that insta-chemistry, that we-go-together vibe. They’re seductive; you’re seductive. They’re complex; you’re complex. Well brace yourself: this relationship is about to skyrocket to a whole new level.These three beloved fragrances will now be available housed in 50ml bottle completely crystallized—like a second skin —with thousands of Swarovski crystals so tiny that together they shimmer and gleam as one. Instead of the classic bottle designs, these Swarovski Stars are covered in one single hue—either amethyst, topaz or sapphire. Somehow, the effect manages to be sleek, fun and a bit tabula rasa all at the same time. Complex—and dazzling. Just like you.

Bond No. 9 Swarovski Stars Limited-Edition flacons will arrive in May, just in time for Mother’s Day, and they`ll available all year long. The Scent of Peace comes in 50ml rich amethyst bottle, Chelsea Flowers comes in 50ml golden topaz bottle, and Nuits de Noho shines on vivid saphire nuances. Availability: 50ml for $550 At Bond No. 9 boutiques.

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