Illamasqua Spring 2010

New Pastel Nail Polishes

Nudge A lovely mint icecream shade that I think may well be my favourite of the four.
Caress A beautiful cornflower blue that is a delectable hybrid of blue and grey. Very unique.
Wink A lovely lavender lilac for the girls and guys who love their nails ultra pretty and feminine.
Blow Think of the yummiest lemon sorbet you've ever had. We've bottled it.

Sneak Peek of Spring 2010: Body Electrics
We have evolved from the burnished bronze of the seductive Sirens and now take on a whole new realm... make-up for the body. After substantial amounts of blind testing we are thrilled to say that our as-yet-to-be-named products were thrilling even the most jaded beauty afficianados!

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