Chanel Summer 2010 Haute Couture

Chanel Summer 2010 Haute Couture
From the heart-shaped cartoonish hair to the rococo-heeled silver booties, the show was a mix of romanticism, space age, and incredible eye-tricking handwork—as hard to fix in one place as the mercury that seemed to be running through the seams. The clothes ranged from shorts suits to shifts, from frothy, cocooning bubbles to liquid togas. In some places, the embroideries looked like smashed glass or molten metal; in others, jewelry itself became part of the structure: A halter dress was suspended from a crystal choker, and a shoulder strap became almost indistinguishable from a diamond necklace.

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The spotlight was on lips: a bold hue Peter Philips debuted, et-to-be-released Rouge Allure lipstick in Genial, part of Chanel’s upcoming summer Les Pop-Up collection (stay tuned for its due on-counter date)applied to lips with lip brush. Lipstick will be on counters in May. For cheeks, pink and coral tweed blushes are used. The models also wore a new eyeshadow duo called Ombres Contraste Duo in Gris-Subtil for slightly smoked out eyes - also a new product, too. Nails were foiled in silver with Le Vernis Nail Colour in Silver.
Just as captivating were the dramatic heart-shaped hair creations Katsuya Kamo created at Chanel, who gave each look a couture touch with decorative ribbons and bows.

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  1. and again, the hair is awesome. Id love to learn how to do that hehe