Guerlain Summer 2010 Sneak Peek

Guerlain Summer '10
Avaible at 27th March.

Terracotta 4 Seasons A palette with 4 tones of bronze to customise your tan look available in two tones - one for blondes and one for brunettes. Sparkle free.

Teracotta Touch A highlighter pen for shadows and dark circles with a tan touch.

Terracotta Teint D'Allures A tropically fragranced tinted moisturiser with tan enhancers and protection - in two shades, Blonde and Brunette.

Terracotta Gloss Six nude tones of shimmer gloss with SPF15.

Terracotta Fard Metal Two creamy metal shades for eyes - Gold and Smoky Metal.

Terracotta Khol A smoky chocolate brown kohl.

Source: BritishBeautyBlogger

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  1. Hi =) I already have the 4 seasons and it’s beautiful.. It’s a little bit creamy, but has a beautiful colour. I’ve brunettes one! Can’t wait to see the rest!