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First Aid Beauty gives you the luxurious, irritant-free skincare needed to achieve healthy, beautiful skin no matter what your age or skin condition. First Aid Beauty (a.k.a. "FAB") is the brainchild of Lilli Gordon, a beauty industry professional who wanted to create a skincare line that offered intense therapy and emergency care for serious problems. (Like atopic dermatitis or facial redness.) The result is an ultra-luxe line that includes all the benefits you look for in a doctor-prescribed brand, minus the greasy or bland formulas. Instead, First Aid Beauty equips you with everyday, exceptional formulas needed to face skin woes FAB-ulously.
Dashing Diva burst onto the New York City nail scene in 2003, offering well-groomed Manhattan-ites the ultimate hot spot to get their tips in tip-top shape. Known for their luxurious accommodations and unprecedented sterilization standards, they are also one of the first international nail spa chains. (You can find their salons in the U.S., Asia, Australia, and Kuwait.) Now those who don't live close enough to duck into a Dashing Diva location can get their digits on their chic collection of nail designs. Made to turn your hands and feet into a form of self-expression, these easy-to-apply adornments give your nails a polished, finished look with flair.
The idea of pouring hot wax on our bodies doesn't rate high on the to-do list, but Jimmy Jane plans to change all that. The beauty brand's new candle range is designed especially with bodies in mind. Light the candle and let the soy wax warm up, then blow it out and pour the oil over someone you like for a hot body massage. There are three different scents to choose from, including ginger & date, grapefruit & habanero and lychee & lapsang. It's not just a candle.

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  1. i saw those nails too
    they do look pretty but i don't like wearing fake nails.

    and im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.