Demeter Fragrance New Trio for Fall!

Demeter Fragrance is launching a fragrant trio which offers autumn in a bottle with its sensual, gourmand and warm compositions. All three autumn fragrances are available as 15ml cologne purse spray, 15ml cologne splash, 30ml cologne spray, 125ml cologne spray, 125ml atmosphere spray, 125ml Calming body lotion, 125ml foaming bath and shower gel, 90ml tender bath oils and 200ml olive oil infused soap
Mulled Cider brings us sweet apples combined with accords of cinnamon and spices. Cider is an alcohol beverage made by apple juice fermentation. Even though cider can be made of any sort of apples, there are specific cultivated sorts named cider apples. Cider was made in England even before Christian era. This beverage was very popular in the whole population, even among children.
The third fragrance from autumn collection is Apple Pie, a sweet and attractive scent of pies made of Granny Smith apples, combined with aromas of sugar, cinnamon, flaky pastry and nutmeg.
Bonfire is sensual and intoxicating. Its composition depicts the scent of burning maple leaves, which fall off trees in autumn and create piles.

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