LFW S/S '10: Illamasqua @ Hannah Marhall

Illamasqua @ Hannah Marshall
Hannah and Alex discussed the look prior to the show and agreed on a "very sexy, very desirable look - something that was both soft and strong at the same time. EIGHTIES power, with none of the froth, was the order of the day at Hannah Marshall. Folded leather created pointed hips, shoulders and breasts on dresses and jackets which felt clean and fresh rather than nostalgic thanks to a simple monochromatic palette with royal blue accents.

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Alex used Matt Primer to create a very matt, one dimensional base. This was then built upon using Cream Foundation to create a very real, but quite full coverage. The strength of the look is based on the contouring. Alex used Powder Blusher in 'Rumour' to contour the temples, sides of the nose, cheeks and under the jawline and emphasised the hollowness of the cheek with Powder Blusher in 'Spite'.

Alex wanted to use minimal products, so using an Eye Brow Cake mixed with Sealing Gel to create a strong line across the brows, she blended the colours down, mixing with a slate grey [try Powder Eye Shadow in 'Incubus'] concentrating the colour at the point where the side of the nose joins the eyebrow and fading down across the browbone and eye lid until there is minimal colour on the eye socket. Build up the concentration at the outer corner of the eye again. A touch of Pure Pigment in 'Furore', a nude champagne shimmer, on the centre of the eye lid added a touch of depth and photographed beautifully. This look used no mascara.

Alex painted over the lips with the Cream Foundation to tone down the colour of the lips and keep the focus on the brows and the cheek bones.

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