SEPHORA Brand Fall '09 Releases

NEW: Doe Eyed Felt Eyeliner
Sephora Brand Doe Eyed Eyeliner makes it a breeze to draw any kind of line you like; try a fine line for lovely definition, or go bold for the cat-eye look of your dreams. This easy-to-use liquid liner makes sophisticated eye makeup easier and sexier than ever. This formula contains deep pigments and a saturated felt tip so you can achieve perfect application on the first try. 12$
Sephora renewed its mono eyeshadow series and created a better formula. Colorful Mono Eyeshadow
Sephora Mono Eyeshadow has the perfect, high-payoff combination of brilliant color, an easy-blending formula, and endless versatility that will revolutionize your eye-makeup outlook and deliver show-stopping effects. This expert formula comes in three fabulous finishes: matte, glittering, and metallic shimmer.

Apply your color dry for a natural vibe or dampen your brush and apply wet for an all-out sophisticated stare. Let inspiration be your guide and watch your makeup go from everyday to extraordinary.

What are you looking for in an eyeshadow? A paraben-free formulation that's safe for sensitive eyes? Intensive pigment that offers smooth, homogenous, long-lasting coverage? An infusion of protective antioxidants? An unbeatable array of shades? Look no further—you have arrived. Welcome to the world of Sephora Mono. 12$ each.

-Engagement Ring 01 (silver with silver glitter)
-City Fog 02 (matte smokey gray)
-Catherine 03 (silvery dark gray shimmer)
-Disco Fever 04 (smokey gray with iridescent glitter)
-Black Flame 05 (near black shimmer)
-Must Have 06 (matte black)
-Starry Sky 07 (black with silver glitter)
-Universal Beige 08 (goes-with-everything matte pale beige)
-Glittering Sand 09 (peachy beige with iridescent glitter)
-Californian Blonde 10 (pale beige shimmer)
-Creme Caramel 11 (warm matte beige)
-Tiny Bubbles 12 (light golden beige with iridescent glitter)
-Peach Beige 13 (light rosey beige shimmer)
-Marie 14 (rosey brown shimmer)
-Suede 15 (neutral matte light brown)
-Nutty Brownie 16 (matte terra cotta brown)
-Milestone 17 (bronze brown shimmer)
-Coffee Brown 18 (coffee shimmer)
-Choco Excess 19 (dark chocolate with silver glitter)
-Western Leather 20 (rich mahogany shimmer)
-Cocoa Powder 21 (matte coffee)
-Favorite Song 22 (dark chocolate with silver glitter)
-Aspen Summit 23 (silvery white shimmer)
-Wedding Day 24 (frosty white with silver glitter)
-Porcelain 25 (matte off-white)
-Carine 26 (neutral light rose with silver glitter)
-Tender Pink 27 (matte light pink)
-Sweet Candy 28 (bubblegum pink shimmer)
-De Luxe Punk 29 (berry wine shimmer)
-Fairy Princess 30 (rich plum with silver glitter)
-Red Wine 31 (matte mauve burgundy)
-Armelle 32 (holographic lavender shimmer)
-Caroline's Pride 33 (deep violet shimmer)
-Midnight Kiss 34 (royal purple shimmer)
-Tango Night 35 (blue violet with silver glitter)
-Baby Blue 36 (light sky blue shimmer)
-Swimming Pool 37 (rich turquoise shimmer)
-Stephane 38 (bright aquamarine with silver glitter)
-Paris Romance 39 (deep aquamarine with silver glitter)
-My Favorite Jeans 40 (rich blue shimmer)
-Preppy Look 41 (matte navy)
-Lime Green 42 (acid green shimmer)
-Fame and Fortune 43 (light green with silver glitter)
-Picnic in the Park 44 (rich emerald shimmer)
-Python Bag 45 (deep olive with silver glitter)
-Mysterious Forest 46 (dark smokey green with iridescent glitter)
-She Sparkles 47 (deep gold shimmer)
-French Riviera Gold 48 (bright gold with gold glitter)
-Exciting Safari 49 (golden wheat shimmer)
-Golden Girl 50 (golden light tan with silver glitter)
-So Elegant 51 (rich brown sugar with silver glitter)
-Hawaiian Beach 52 (coppery tan shimmer)
-Shimmering Sunset 53 (golden pink orange shimmer)
-Lucky Penny 54 (bright copper brick shimmer)
SEPHORA released an array of new unusual colors of their lipgloss (10$). Brilliant Shine Lipgloss New Colours:

-Blue Waters (sheer sky blue shimmer/ mutes orange tones)
-Limey (sheer green apple shimmer/ neutralizes red tones)
-Citron (sheer sunny yellow shimmer)
-Silver Fever (silvery white shimmer)
SEPHORA added an array of red lipsticks to suit your skintone to its lipstick range which describes as '' The effect of a liquid lip color in the convenience of a tube:. Each hydrating, long-lasting shade glides effortlessly onto lips. Color stays semi-glossy looking, while a complex of omega-3 and vitamin E protect lips and prevent premature ageing. '' Lip Attitude - Chic New Shades (12$ each ):

-Red Kiss 28(rich vintage red)
-Raspberry Red 29(classic red with a hint of berry)
-Deep Red 30(rich dark red)
SEPHORA did its seasonly release of SEPHORA by OPI nail polishes, this time with runway inspired shades. Polishes describe as ''Fashion-forward, wearable nail colors for the modern woman who is looking for an effective, safe, environmentally conscious brand. The long-lasting, chip-resistant polish ensures flawless results with each application, and its green ingredient list excludes DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.'' Nail Colour New Shades (9$ each):

Under My Trench Coat (light grey khaki with gold shimmer)
Set The Mood (metallic dark pink)
What A Broad (deep royal purple)
Screen Test (shimmering rich magenta)
In The Shadows (vampy chocolate)

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